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My favorite memories have all centered around friends and family enjoying a meal together! It might have been a special holiday or a celebration, or it might have been dinner with friends at a great restaurant. I hope you will enjoy some of my favorite recipes and take time to fellowship with those seated at your table. You might make a memory to last forever!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Beginning of Fall Baking

A very good friend of mine shared this yummy recipe with me today...so I thought I would share it with you!

I have a fall recipe for you my friend. Ready to start baking some yummy stuff!

-butter pecan cake mix
-16 oz coconut pecan frosting
-4 eggs
-3/4 c oil
-1 c water
-1 c finely chopped pecans

*Mix cake mix, eggs, oil, water, & 1/2 frosting for 3 mins on low speed; add 1/2 c pecans & stir; spray bundt pan w/ cooking spray; place other 1/2 c of pecans in pan; place other 1/2 of frosting on top of pecans; pour cake mixture over pecans & frosting; bake @ 350 for 50-55 mins; cool completely before removing otherwise topping will stick.

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